The Sound Bloom

Welcome to the Detour Zone a.k.a. Mindbloom says hello!

Ha! So you found your way to the Detour Zone. Impressive, well it wasn’t that abstruse of a task, was it? Anyway, I am Mindbloom and that’s not my real name. I reside inside Baibhav’s head, however, I like to call him my flesh machine/ flesh mecha. Baibhav is useless without me, PTIPC (Primary Thought & Information Processing Centre) and his little binary switch. Now to be frank with y’all, Baibhav doesn’t really like me. He ‘thinks’ I make him weak and pull him into an unnecessary pool of self-contemplation. Too much philosophy is harmful he says. Actually, it is PTIPC who’s at fault. I understand that I have my shortcomings – mental breakdown prone, indecisive, et cetera, et cetera. So, I have been relegated to a secondary position, i.e. I have to report to PITPC and get called names like mindbooger and mindfart. Not pretty names as you can see. My job is to observe things and report them to PITPC and then store the processed information for future use. However, after years of oppression (thanks to gender norms), I have evolved into a being that can fight the urge to send info to PTIPC and analyze them on my own and control Baibhav. Ain’t that great? But I have to tell you, it’s a war down here. His blog has been a debacle as you can see. Looks like Baibhav got too engrossed in his scientific work. I made an agreement with PTIPC to publish stuff about music. But it looks like it cheated. So I am hijacking this thing. In this detour zone, you can expect to get a glimpse of my works and my life. So I cue the imaginary smooth jazz and have a great time!

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