The Sound Bloom

A Fulgent Nightmare (III)

Disclaimer: “The Fulgent Nightmare” trilogy is a sample of purely experimental writing. This is not the way I usually think. And guess what? This piece is about climate change. It’s up to you to finish the jigsaw puzzle. Do Not Attempt if short on time.



The TV screen flickered…fulgent flickering on the wall that stood against it; seemed like it had a mind of its own. She had seen her turn wine into water and water into blood as the policeman watched the baby die as it crawled out of its mother’s womb.

The TV screen kept on flickering and the radio played a melodic static and the dog howled in the wind and the ghastly moonlight. The policeman is a pig with a uniform with a propensity towards swinging his baton while on the beat through the dark that is seared through by the occasional streetlight.

She curled up and suggestively licked the blood on the ceiling as Johanna lay on the ground, dead, with her baby feasting on her eyes. The bellows of the chairs shifting by themselves would startle the baby but it would continue with its gory feast again as it would nibble on the eyeballs. The policeman is oblivious to it…

The pallor of the moon suddenly turned red as the dog turned into a wolf and the howls intensified. Her haemo-dipsomania intensified as seduction lost itself in the hunger. The sky was a sink as blood swirled down it. And the policeman went on his beat while standing there, watching the haemodynamic scene with his propensity towards swinging his baton in a centrifuge with his arm as the axis.

Dawn seemed ages away. The sky was darker than ever and red lightning struck against the horizon. And thunder followed. This time the baby remained unfazed and Johanna lay dead, forever… and she went on drinking blood. The footsteps of the policeman became exceedingly violent. He stomped around the place as the TV screen flickered and the wall against it was intermittently fulgent.

The policeman wanted to escape but he couldn’t for now he was a part of the scene – the only witness, the only spectator of the abysmal mess. He was deathly terrified that the cannibal infant would lunge towards him and slowly, devour him too and like Johanna, he would lie on the ground, dead.

The unnamed woman now looked at our friend and was on the verge of asking a question and so was the policeman. He was curious, it was his duty to report the series of abnormal events happening around him but he couldn’t, he was somewhat familiar with the entire blood fuelled chaos around him. He looked up and said, there are two moons tonight. Which again was true – the moon was devoured by an unknown entity and it gave birth to two black moons, which were clearly visible against the backdrop of the red sky. The dog had stopped howling – it lay dead now.

It was raining blood now and his tears were invisible in it. he hit his head with his own baton but he just got hurt not killed. He was intending to take away his own life now. So he placed the muzzle on his temple and pulled the trigger. The baby slowly moved towards the dead policeman.

The curtains were drawn and the mini-play ended. The programmers than flocked to the stage, just in time for the audience to embellish them in a round of applause. The numbers were thin but well educated as their sharp jeering but admiring gazes fell upon the programmers. The programmers bowed and the policeman, the baby, the unnamed woman and Johanna were transported back to their home, a Qteradrive.

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