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Welcome to the Sound Bloom. I am Baibhav Sharma, an 19 year old boy who resides in Guwahati, Assam, India (please note that this address is about to change). I am a science nut with a love for music, a knack for writing and a talent in compromising with prolificity. Sound Bloom was a place where I used to write about music, or specifically review albums. After publishing two and throwing 10 into the trash, I found this shtick boring. So after a lengthy break, I have decided to turn this into a place where I would occasionally write about music and often write about thoughts I have that would put me along fools, philosophers or the magnificent league of unfunny pretentious gentlemen. In a fancier sense, this is a place where the sounds inside my mind (not in the context of schizophrenia) come to life in the form of words.You can figure it out for yourself. So have a good time swimming around this shallow pool of articles. And, never forget to take the detour when the thin number of articles suffocates you.

Man, this blog has too few articles. 


Scroll down below to find the categories. And remember not to forget to take a detour (there)! Check back every Sunday for new articles!


P.S: That’s me BTW. I am a narcissist, that probably explains the number of images. Also, I drew the logo. How is it? (Shameless Baibhav)

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